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Better mental health is waiting for you. The need for culturally sensitive mental healthcare providers is at such a need. Let us take the frustration out of finding an African American mental health resource in your area that is right for you.

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Navigation Provider Resource Guide & Directory

The navigation tools may help adults living with serious mental illness navigate the mental healthcare system locally, knowing when to seek care, where to go, and whom to engage. The navigation tools can be shared in community and through digital and social channels (eg, organization website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

Introduction From Approved Navigation Resource

The mental healthcare system can feel difficult to navigate. Barriers such as systemic racial disparities, a lack of diversity among healthcare providers, cultural stigma, and the high cost of receiving care can make accessing mental health treatment and services challenging and difficult to navigate. Knowing when to seek care, where to go, and who to engage may help. This navigation resource provides information on accessing care.

Culturally Sensitive Mental Health Care Providers

Did you know that only 1 out of every 3 African Americans that need mental health treatment actually get it? Learn more about our mission to make health care more attainable for black Americans.